16 Abr 2012

JA Wall template uses JA Social Feed plug-in which allows users to get content automatically from Social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo and Flickr.

After that, these contents will be stored as Joomla/K2 articles in specific categories.

The plug-in settings detail is illustrated in the following image gallery:

14 Abr 2012

I. Style List

JA Wall template supports up to 8 styles. Each style bring you the different impressive outlook.

13 Abr 2012

I. Joomla Modules

1. Main menu

Firstly, you must create Top menu items then you create Menu module to show as demo

12 Abr 2012

I. Joomla Content

You can create Joomla articles as usual, however please pay attention to some points below:

  • Images in an article will be added in:  Images and links option.
  • Width and style of an item is defined in: Extended Classes field in Metadata Options. One item can be defined with default or grid-double/grid-triple width size, default = 1 grid width size.
  • The Hot icon will automatically displayed based on a total number of hits. If the total hits is larger than the defined number in the back-end --> Hot icon will be displayed. This setting is in Template Manager edit form in the back-end.
  • You can also select to display items in pop-up or not.

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